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Most asked question from potential customers?

1) Is it smoky?

NO! On event nights, it can get a BIT smoky when there are 50-60 people in the bar but otherwise, NO! We spent a lot of time and money creating an environment friendly to the widest amount of customers!

2) You have a bar?

YES! We have a FULL service bar with FANTASTIC bartenders! We also have crafted ice balls and cubes and we can smoke your cocktails too.

3) Can I smoke my newly purchased cigar IN the bar?



4) What brand of cigars do you carry?

What brand do you like? We carry all major brands and we absolutely listen and respond to customer feedback to determine future inventory!

5) Are you female friendly?

YES! We put a lot of thought and planning into being a BAR that is VERY female friendly! From purse hangers, free WiFi, white leather barstools, to CLEAN restrooms, we strive for women to be COMFORTABLE here!  

6) Do you sell vape/head shop stuff?


7) Is it loud?

NO! When we went before the city to apply for our license, we made it CLEAR that we will not have live music or any other noise that keeps customers from speaking to the person sitting next to them in anything but their normal volume voice.

Bottom line?

Our primary mission is to be the BEST provider of premium tobacco products east of I-35 in the OKC Metro area. Our secondary mission is to be the CLEANEST BAR in Midwest City, COMMITTED to providing GREAT customer service.  We live, work, and are COMMITTED to this community and our TROOPS. We are veteran owned and operated! If you haven't been by to check us out, please do! We are so GRATEFUL to everyone who has contributed to our success and plan to be here for a LONG TIME, with your support!

#TCBOKC Owners

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