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CAO Amazon Basin

Thats me!

Welcome to my inaugural post of the Official Cigar Box OKC Blog! My name is Lee Graves, Cigar Box OKC employee and long time cigar smoker. Growing up close family friends with the Cigar Box of Tulsa owners, my passion for cigars developed at a young age.

My goals for this blog will be to keep my followers updated with events in the cigar world and at our store, to review and promote new products, and hopefully provide some new knowledge and/or insight to my readers.

I want to start out by talking about a recently released stick that I am excited about. The CAO Amazon Basin was rereleased in October. This unique stick comes in a 6x52 Toro and features an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan and Brazilian filler. The Brazilian filler is what makes this cigar so interesting. Known as Bragança, this tobacco is grown in a remote region of the Amazon Rainforest. Harvested once every three years the availability of Bragança limits the production of this cigar. This is the second release from CAO with the first being in 2014. Dark Chocolate in color and oily in texture The Amazon Basin features a simple band made of tobacco twine. Upon first light I enjoyed a creamy light to medium bodied smoke with a light burn on the retrohale. As the cigar progressed the body increased and richer flavors emerged. A noticeable amount of pepper became present near halfway, dissipating before the finish. Coming into a medium to ¾ full with a long coffee finish, I enjoyed this cigar well past the band (which is smokeable). I think this release of the CAO Amazon Basin is a must have if you are looking to diversify your humidor.

As we quickly approach the end of the year the pace of life quickens with the impending holidays. Temperatures drop and it becomes increasingly difficult to find time and a comfortable place to enjoy our favorite hobby. The Cigar Box has the solution, come into our warm and inviting lounge, enjoy a cigar, and do your holiday shopping at the same time. We have made it easy by stocking up on samplers from Rocky Patel, Padron, Oliva, and many more of your favorite manufacturers. Or grab a gift card for your loved one. Available for any amount and reloadable, you can make sure they get exactly what they want.

Thankyou for reading! This is the first blog post I have ever written, so I can only assume that much like the cigars I sell and love, I will improve with time!

Hope to see you at the Box


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