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First Post of the New Year!

Hello again Cigar Box patrons! A lot has happened since I last posted, the holidays have come and gone, we rang in the New Year, and college football has sadly come to an end. As January 1st rolls around cigar smokers everywhere eagerly await Cigar Aficionados annual Top 25 list. This year doesn’t disappoint, we are given a list full of new favorites along with some tried and true classics. Congratulations to La Flor Dominicana for topping the 2016 list with their newest blend Andalusian Bull! To see the full list follow the link provided.(

As many of you probably know the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced this past May that it would, for the first time in history, begin to regulate premium cigars. In the wake of this announcement we have already begun to feel the impact of this decision as the cost of our cigars has begun to rapidly increase. Thankfully the Cigar Industry refuses to go down with out a fight! The Cigar Association of America (CAA), Cigar Rights of America (CRA) and the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers’ Association (ICPCR) filed a joint lawsuit in federal court almost immediately. Mark Purcell, CEO of IPCPR was quoted saying, “ After a thorough and detailed legal review, we are challenging this unlawful regulatory action in federal court to protect the statutory and constitutional rights of our industry and its members.” A court date has been set for July 28, 2017. I will continue to follow this issue as more unfolds.

The Industry is losing one of its favorites this year. Matt Booth of Room 101 announced early this month that he will not be renewing his contract with Oettinger Davidoff AG/Davidoff of Geneva USA. Since 2009 Room 101 has brought a modern edge to an industry that seems to be, at times, stuck in the past. His presence, and quality cigars, will surely be missed. In consideration of this announcement, I will be highlighting Room 101s latest and most likely last Blend, Chief Cool Arrow. According to Matt, Chief Cool Arrow is a space dwelling Native American who seeks revenge upon last year’s title character, Johnny Tobacconaut. The first thing you notice about this cigar is the immaculate presentation. Coming in a beautiful glossed black and blue box each individual stick is wrapped in tissue paper and a full-length band bearing the likeness of their beloved chief. Underneath the tissue you will find a very toothy wrapper shaped into an expertly crafted figurado. This cigar features a Mexican ligero wrapper, a Honduran corojo binder, and a filler that combines ligero from both Pennsylvania and Esteli, and piloto cubano from the Dominican Republic. With a ring gage of a mere 19 at the foot the draw is difficult upon first light but quickly opens up to an effortless smoke. The first third produces brash notes of black pepper that give way to wood and nuts through the second third. As the cigar finishes the pepper becomes almost unnoticeable while a subtle sweetness takes over. Complex and bold this cigar stands as a testament to the unique presence Room 101 has maintained over the last 8 years.

2017 marks the completion of our first calendar year at the Cigar Box OKC and we want to take a moment to thank all our customers and friends who have made the last year so wonderful. It is truly a pleasure to come to work and see your smiling faces every day. So from Blair, Nancy, Josh, Liz and I, we thank you for your loyalty and friendship. As always thank you for reading, I look forward for what the New Year has in store for us!

Hope to see you at the Box


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