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February 2017

Hey there cigar fans! 2017 has been a great year for us so far at the Box. We have kept ourselves busy expanding our selection and planning future events. Many of you may remember our event with Jack Sandlin of Oliva Cigars this past June. Well Jack will be back next month with a truly unique experience. Nicaragua may be nearly 3,000 miles away but we are going to be bringing the factory to you in late May! Jack is bringing a state of the art virtual reality tour of the Oliva plantation and factory. You will be able to walk the fields, see the curing barn and watch your favorite cigars rolled first hand. This is going to be an event you don’t want to miss. Check our Events page for updates on when this experience will be taking place.

While we are known for our luxury cigar selection, The Cigar Box OKC also carries a wide selection of pipes and pipe tobaccos. We are glad to announce that we have recently begun carrying pipes from Peterson of Dublin. Peterson has been making luxury pipes since 1865 and the craftsmanship of these pipes reflects their 152 years of experience. In 1890 the Peterson Pipe System was introduced and has since been imitated many times over. The systems beauty is in its simplicity. A graduated bore drilled through the mouthpiece reduces suction applied by the smoker so that it is 15 times weaker by the time it reaches the tobacco chamber. This allows any moisture to fall into the reservoir instead of flowing up the stem to the smoker’s mouth. The result is a smooth and most importantly dry smoking experience. Peterson Pipes come in a wide variety of shapes and finishes so one will be sure to fit your personal style and needs.

As usual I have a particular cigar I am excited about this month. Early last month I was at the store when the UPS truck pulled up. I went to the front to greet our deliveryman and receive our usual order of a few medium size boxes. When the man began to unload his truck one box stood out. As he wheeled up the six-foot monstrosity my curiosity piqued. Inside this mysterious package was an exceedingly large display for the new Cohiba Macassar. Presentation alone was enough to get me excited about trying the newest edition to the Cohiba line-up and this newcomer did not disappoint. The name Macassar is in reference to a rare Indonesian ebony wood that can be found on the box.

The construction of these cigars matches the feel of luxury and beauty of their namesake. The wrapper is an oily Connecticut Habano with prominent seams and veins. The inside consists of Connecticut Broadleaf for the binder, and Nicaraguan and Dominican leaf in the filler. The tobacco is aged for four years and while aging tobacco in itself is not uncommon, what is unique in this instance is the final year of aging done in rum barrels. Once you’ve learned how this cigar is made it comes to no real surprise that the main notes in this cigar are wood and spice. Cedar fans will rejoice in this blend. Pepper from the Jalapa filler and light sweetness come and go throughout the smoke, but the taste of cedar and oak remains constant. The Macassar is a medium to full celebration of lavishness that can be enjoyed by any breed of cigar smoker.

That’s all I have for you now, be sure to watch for updates on our Events page and Facebook for updates on our upcoming events. As always thank you for reading!

See you at the Box


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